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The Demonic Tormentors Of Revelation Are Now On The 3D Timeline!

Eye tried to tell people about these droves of migrants flooding into the country at the direction of the Dark Ones. Even President Trump tried to warn us!

Nobody is really paying attention but Eye am because it’s Biblical..

What Do Eye Mean?

Every DNA strand in your body (3 billion to be exact) know what you're supposed to look like, right down to your fingerprints, eye color and every feature of what is you. This goes for everyone who has lived on this planet.

Which means that anyone who lived at any time can be reproduced using a 3D bioprinter. Think Westworld on HBO.

The many millions of 'immigrants' flooding into countries right now without any documents of any kind are literally being printed out using satellite-based laser printers that assemble living tissue directly from the particles in the air.

Yes, these printers do in fact exist, you've just likely never heard of them before now.

These are the "demons" spoken of in the wholly babble that will be released during the end times. Their portal gateway is the Gotthard Tunnel.

Look for the video that was taken deep inside where the walls and floor are moving because this is a stargate / flux field.

In the book of Revelation, there are very real creatures lurking in an abyss. At the appointed time, they will be released to terrorize and kill unbelievers around the world.

We are introduced to some of these creatures in Revelation 9, which describes the first and sixth trumpet judgments—the first and second woes.

  1. The Fifth Trumpet (First Woe): Demonic Tormentors (Revelation 9:1-12)

Revelation 9 opens with the blowing of the fifth trumpet—the pronouncement of the first woe—a demonic angel from heaven.

At the sounding of the fifth trumpet, John saw a heavenly “star” that had “fallen to earth” (Revelation 9:1). As we’ll see, this “star” is not a literal star or meteor as in previous judgments, but it is an intelligent being—an angel—not a literal star in outer space.

And you may remember the weird “festival” that was actually a satanic ritual a few years ago..that celebrated the opening of the tunnel “portal”

Look at the census records of the countries these millions claim to come from; they don't support that many migrants leaving by a *long stretch.

👉🏾Research 'long form birth certificates' that contain blood samples from the feet of new born babies that have been secretly video recorded in the underground Vatican archives that date back many, many thousands of years.👈🏾

Yes, they have the DNA of everyone at least as far back as the Egyptian period.

The migrants don't have papers because they were never actually born. At least not in this current life. They are the WALKING DEAD.

You were 'warned' about their arrival in the Gotthard Tunnel grand opening production that literally showed disembodied beings scaling a vertical rock wall (symbolizing escape from the pit), entering society in disguise.

Then once they were in manifest form, suddenly they were wearing the same street clothes as everyone else.

Yes, they did show you they started their journeys as 'ghosts' (now referred to as the Lost Souls of Tara).

Yes, they did show you they were wolves in sheep's clothing.

No, this isn't theory.

*Some of this Intel is directly from an IAWF Galactic Agent sent here to give all the Light Teachers the Mission Handbook to learn how to maneuver in the matrix during the final Ascension Cycle on your sphere Urtha (Mother Aria). He has now left the planet but his information is invaluable as it helps us navigate much better knowing the moves of the enemy.

Thank You for visiting my site!

In The Highest Gratitude & Omni Love🙏🏾💚


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