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Picture of Armageddon

The difficulties that plague the planet persist, and Mankind is unsure of how it will finish or how to reduce its impacts. New ideas are being applied, including artificial intelligence, which the military has already utilized to create mechanized fighters.

It is unclear if you can control such usage or if a war will be fought by non-human forces. It is essential to think ahead and decide what regulations can be imposed to avoid Armageddon.

A critical decision must be made as to whether you will surrender aspirations for global control or use your newfound abilities to bring about peace. We wait to see what road you decide to take and we are prepared to back you in establishing a harmonious community if that is your choice.

Your whole future is ahead of you and waits to see which path you will take. In the present, you attempt to establish some order while the possibility of a World War increases if the right selection is not made.

The future is in your hands, but know that without interfering with your free will, we are with you, prepared to help you confront the challenges that face you. Instead of reaching for weapons to solve your quarrels, why not come together and build the trust needed to address matters in a peaceful manner.

Let peace be declared and accords be reached to put an end to acts of provocation, because nothing will be solved by continually threatening each other with violence. It is high time for Humanity to mature and put fear away and proclaim enduring peace. The people are exhausted of constant belligerent comments and threats that could demolish Humanity.

Give a voice to those who advocate for peace and take away the power that the war-mongers use against you. As soon as you can establish a Council for World Peace, the sooner a real and lasting peace will be established. have everything to gain by uniting for peace, and if you do, we will be waiting in the wings to help in any way possible. We use our influence to guide you to a path of peace, but we do not coerce the issue as the final decision is yours.

How wonderful it would be if you achieved world peace, because it is not so far away as you might think. The people of the world are tired of battle and all it brings in terms of loss of life and property.

In these dismal times, they need a boost to know that the future offers an end to all conflicts. The power of thought is getting stronger as more people understand that war never fixes an issue but makes matters worse. Give the people some hope for the future and lift their spirits.

The coming together of different nations would form a powerful voice for permanent peace.

Where are your leaders that are eager to take on the challenge and bring about world peace, because they are already here looking for a chance to come to the forefront.

Trust is the password for peace, but can nations collaborate on a peaceful agreement that will remain intact?

Visitors to Earth need to know that it will be safe to do so and look to Mankind to clean up its act. You were never intended to be permanently secluded on Earth, but as you must know by now, visitors have been kept away to assure that your evolution was not affected by external influences.

Your free will has been preserved so that you developed in the right way needed for your spiritual growth. Soon you will meet your many cosmic friends and, of course, your real star family. You will soon discover that your many lives on Earth have connected to many other beings who have joined you to assist you in your evolution.

You have so many loved ones waiting to reunite with you. Life is not a series of random meetings and experiences but is carefully designed to give you every chance to develop properly.

That is why you have many siblings from other realms working with you to guarantee that your experiences are part of your ongoing progress to graduation.

You are never alone in your search to learn more about life and evolution. We leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and journey to completion.

This message originates from my Highest Self, my God Self, and each soul has the very same bond to God Source.

In Love and Light. Peace & Blissings!

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