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We've Come To Help Humanity

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

We've Come To Help Humanity

Who Are We? We are the Guardians!

There are different representations and Organizations of these Guardian Groups on planet and in the Solar System at this time. It's not fantasy. Not Magic. Very Advanced Energy Sciences. So, The Guardians make up: Some Scientific, Some Healers, Some Sages, Some Mystics. Some Speakers (PR), Some Civilian Councils and finally Some Military.

The races that formed the God-head and Created the Oraphim and Elohim are who speak and direct All Guardian Groups here in this Time Matrix. The 'let us make man in our own image folks'...not 'gods'. These are those who have requested this information be gathered and complied from all the hidden crevices and groups who keep it to themselves, in order to bring forth and into the light their message of Peace, Unconditional Love and Hope. A message hidden too long by fear and hubris. But no more.

We are the first Light manifestation of the Emerald Order are Solar Rishi Blue Ray orders of Elohim and Oraphim that direct support to the Guardian Founder Races in the lower Harmonic Universe and are supporting GSF liberation and the continued spiritual evolution of humanity towards Ascension and the Law of One. The Emerald Order Oraphim have Emerald Sun DNA which is up to 48 strands of DNA. We are Not the Guardian Alliance. We are their Creators. The Founders Races.

We are those written and spoken about in most ancient scripts and legends, from varied cultures all around the Cosmos, all telling of a race of beings, teachers, sages, healers, engineers and scientists, who helped the indigenous species of various planets and time matrixes evolve and become civilized. On Earth, we hear about the South American Sky Brothers, to the North American Hopi, to the legends in Asian, The Middle East, Africa, Nordic, Celtic, Indian and Island Polynesian cultures, all telling of the people from the sky, who came to earth, during cataclysmic times and helped Humanity survive, then went away, promising to return 'one day.'

Mankind has wondered ever since We left, via legend, story, aural histories and tales, all ending with your looking up for when we would return. You have hoped dreamed and waited, asking "where did they go and when will they return, IF, (and here is the caveat,) IF they actually existed at all If, they are not just the crazy stories hopes and dreams of a generation that just told fables and metaphorical or allegorical stories. Fantasy...too crazy to be true...and have been given so many proofs that now ask more questions than they answer. They raise your awareness and push you to ask, "Is there more? Could this be true, have we been asleep?

We promised, as written and told, in every culture's history and religions, that WE would come back someday and you need to realize as a a species Humans/Terrans, that this HAS AND IS happening now before your very eyes, and, before the next big Event, The Solar Flash.

The return has to be seamless and not cause undo negativity, so it is important to prepare Humanity for the wonders of meeting your creators....correctly...sans all the negative, non factual fear inducing control features put in place by the Negative Beings and Evil forces holding the planet hostage, having you live and believe what is blatantly false. About Yourselves and about Us, your creators, brothers, sisters, your origins, your future, your potential, and The Infinite Creator.

Many of us are here, now, on 3D Earth are tasked with telling you the truths of your origins, your purpose and your 'creators' with a small 'c'.

We are here to help in guiding Humanity into Ascension, which simply means to Scientifically, Biologically and Physiologically teaching you how to raise the biological sleeve we call our bodies, to a higher vibrational plane and existence. It's not hocus pocus. It's Quantum Physics and Thought Dynamics. Were advance BEINGS, not ghosts.

We sent you in Egypt, Ra, a societal complex, equals in the Law of One, brothers & sisters and you insisted on making them gods and then, kept what we gave you for the select few. Yes we may be your biologic and spiritual parents, creators, having lent our DNA to your biological makeup, but we are not GODS, or GOD...the way you have distorted the word and concept.

We are all Brothers, Sisters, Light and Love Beings. Representations/Perspectives of the One true Creator. We are your Guardians, Your Watchers and We have returned to free you and grow you up."

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