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Even The CDC is Warning You Of The Matrix Zombies!

The CDC says prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse. Eye recently recorded a video where Eye went in a little deeper in response to the two men speaking in an interview circulating on social media.

They were giving proof that a Zombie Apocalypse is a very real threat and possibility.

As mentioned in the interview, the men informed the vaccine is an actual device that will be used on the nano scale to alter the DNA of the recipient.

The beast system will use humans as remote controlled Virus Spreaders...but there's sooo much more going on than just that.


However, that body-form projection and its timeline can be artificially created and replicated by machinery at the subatomic level.

The Beast System is attempting to use technologies at the subatomic scale to accomplish their goal of creating artificial timelines for their Transhumanism and hybridization projects.


At the end of my video you will hear me speaking to one of my Soul Sistars that initially sent the video to me because she remembers me warning everyone years ago that my Spirit had told me to GET A MACHETE because people would not be people anymore.


Zechariah 14:12

“And the LORD will send a plague on all the nations that fought against Jerusalem. Their people will become like walking corpses, their flesh rotting away. Their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouths. On that day they will be terrified, stricken by the LORD with great panic. They will fight their neighbors hand to hand.”

It sounded crazy back then but look at us now...THE CDC IS ACTUALLY WARNING OF A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!

The people themselves will be turned into PSYCHOPATH DEVOURERS...there are three levels to the Negative Ego.

  1. Egotism – The First Stages

  2. Narcissism – The Secondary Stages

  3. Psychopathy – The Third and Final Stages of Insanity

Right now society is in their Narcissistic stage which is stage two.

Eye made a few videos on the topic titled DEATH CULTURE & THE HATE THAT HATE BREEDS. But never released them because of YouTube guidelines.


Eye go deep into the darkness to shine light on evil and expose it so people will know the truth and can make better decisions.

This is a spiritual process taking place and it is necessary for the evolution of both humanity & the planet. Survival of the fittest...Natural Selection.

You will hear me address the black community as a whole because they are a very large part of the collective "unconscious" and they are being used by the beast system as "USEFUL IDIOTS". They are the HATE THAT HATE is the unbalanced feminist community as well as the LGBT community.

All these groups are being used because the Negative Ego can be MIND CONTROLLED very easily. They have all felt marginalized, ostracized or mistreated for who they were...So the BEAST NAA system capitalizes off of that and uses it & them to push their DEATH CULTURE agenda.


Descending Realities (3D timeline) are AI Generated

The Beast System and Power Elite do not want the human population to evolve into the higher frequencies and access the organic future timelines available now. To counter act the ascending planetary shift and cloak the bifurcation event, they have aggressively pushed out every chaotic distraction, along with the Transhumanist agenda, to maintain an iron grip over the human population. The Transhumanist agenda is evident in every form of biological and consciousness hacking through technological, synthetic and digitized methods to try and take over the consciousness energy that exists in organic matter.

To maintain control over matter, they have introduced an ever more aggressive military strategy that is enforced through both alien and human created artificial intelligence technology. This combined strategy is to generate the range of artificial frequencies and brain mapping technology that replicate the entire earth realm in virtual realities, through which they hope to have ultimate control. This is so the majority of people on earth cannot tell the difference between AI generated artificial frequencies and the planet’s organic frequencies (dead light versus living light), while they are existing within the artificial holographic reality.

These are the descending timelines on planet that run lower frequencies of artificial, phantom and false realities that are generated by alien technologies using false holograms of dead light. Smashing protons and electrons into frequency fences or metal plates is one way to generate false light fields and inorganic black holes. As many of us know, the artificial intelligence and artificial frequencies have radically increased in some environments and these may have extreme physical sensations for an ascending human. These artificial frequencies are the recipe for creating human zombies or cyborgs, or a person who is extinguished of all inner light.

A location such as a city that is a descending hub area will have these common low frequency symptoms: riddled with crime and negativity, perpetuating harmful or destructive actions towards self and others, the land will feel dead or barren, will become increasingly less stable politically and economically, and this will be socially reflected through the communities. We have come to understand more deeply that many of these frequencies being intentionally generated towards the public are artificially generated.


This is why in order to SAVE have to detach from all these groups, cleanse yourself & think for yourself. Even family is a "false construct" of the matrix.

Anything that can INFLUENCE your thinking and does not give you the opportunity to have or express unique perspectives and opinions suppresses your Divine Sovereignty.

Eye hope Eye never have to use my Machete..but it was Yahshua that told his people to SELL THEIR COATS & BUY A SWORD.. so its better to be safe than sorry...the CDC even said that!

So let the naysayers laugh at the Matrix Zombie concept...we know better...its gonna be very real for them on 3D because it is a dying system.

It will be many of us that have to help them. Keep Your Swords Sharp!

Monai...The Divine Naga

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