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This video is a little more than 3 hours long but its some heavy infomation that you may need to take time to process. So watch the first part now then Part Two later.



Here is my video created 5 years ago to the Christians & Hebrews...most of this infomation is now coming to pass. Look up how they are tracking using the Ascestry DNA they collected.

Here's one of the articles in the video:

The INFOMATION referenced in here can be found: In the Book or PDF titled The Voyagers 1 The Secret Abductees & Voyagers 2 The Secrets Of Amenti

Here is my linktree that has all my info to stay connected with me in the future. If you want to see more if this type of infomation be sure to sub to this website so you can be added to the group in here.

Everything offered to you is offered at no charge with no expectations.

This is my 5D HeartWork & Service to you. If you enjoyed the video & appreciated the work Eye put in..Donations from the heart...of any kind at any amount are always greatly appreciated. 🙏🏾♥️ And if you can’t donate sharing my post on your social media page is just as amazing!!

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