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Build Your LIGHT QUOTIENT For Ascension

What is a Light body and Light Quotient? Your body is surrounded by energy referred to as your Light Body, or energy body. Light is sent out from your Light Body. The level of brightness sent out from your Light Body determines the level of your spiritual evolution and the level of brightness is determined by your Light Quotient. The Light Quotient determines the degree of light you can hold and the more light that emanates from your Light Body the more evolved a Spiritual Being you are meant to be. It is said that the Ascended Masters have very bright Light Bodies, so their Light Quotient will be high.

The concept of raising the spiritual light quotient is similar to the intelligence quotient used in modern psychology, the IQ test. However the spiritual light quotient is not the same as intelligence. Rather, the SLQ reflects one’s ability to understand spiritual concepts, to meditate and to connect with other dimensions. It also is a measurement of one’s ability to understand the relationship between Earth, the Environment and relationship to the Galaxy. Finally, it is a measurement of one’s ability to understand the existence of other dimensions as well as the relationship between the Ascended Masters and Spiritual Guides and our spiritual evolution.

Why is increasing your Light energy important? Your Light Body Quotient is directly linked to all your body systems; inner and outer, this directly affects how you live your life and the connection you have to your Higher Self . The less light you have the more you attract negative energy into your body systems. This leads to a very dark and troubled life. The more light you have, the more you are attracting positive energy into your life and the happier you will be. The aim is to live a life that is filled with light . Increasing your Light energy is important because it increases your ability to sustain a connection to the higher realms of consciousness and to hold this connection in a stable manner. Without this ability, we can reach peaks and valleys in our vibration, but never stabilize the new level of consciousness permanently in our life. Vibrational stability allows you daily access to the energy of the Divine Spirit. The Divine Spirit's energy is what gives us the power to heal any portions of our 4 body system. Essentially, without the ability to increase one's Light Quotient, and stabilize it, no access is granted to the higher level of vibrational frequencies that are needed in the Ascension process.

How do you decrease your Light Quotient? Everyday we are increasing or decreasing our Light Quotient. Every thought and action affects the amount of light you can hold in your 4 body system: Physical, Emotion, Mental and Spiritual. If you keep your thoughts on the positive you will evolve at a faster rate than a person who is constantly thinking negative and dark thoughts. Being positive does not mean just having ‘Happy thoughts’, it is appreciating that any event, positive or negative, is just an episode in life. So if something that could be perceived as ‘bad’ happens, if you go into ‘victim mode’ and become negative, that is the equivalent to ‘switching off the light’ as your thoughts are not feeding the light.

How do you Increase Your Light Quotient? By aligning your Diamond Light Grid. When this Light Grid is aligned and functioning optimally, you are connected with your Higher Self and our 8th dimensional template that activates your StarCodes and enables your DNA to function optimally. The Diamond Light Grid alignment results in:

  • increasing your ability to manifest what you desire,

  • enhancing your Higher Self connection, intuition and inner guidance

  • clearing energy patterns that contribute to dis-ease (improvements in health)

  • activating DNA and new energy circuitry, (more energy)

  • increasing mental clarity and emotional stability,

  • increasing your skill in recognizing disharmonious emotional patterns and the power to bring about meaningful changes in your life.

  • ancestral healing

  • soul retrieval (reclamation of soul fragments isolated through current and other life traumas)

  • Healing, optimism, joy, insight into your unique circumstances

  • releasing of energy/ astral attachments

  • harmonizes you with the patterns and geometries for creation, receiving, transforming and transmitting information back to the Universal source.

Conscious light quotient building is essential on the path of ascension and initiation. This means to increase the levels of light, both within the body and the entire energy field that we are radiating.

The Avatar Blueprint is an evolved template that is light and crystalline based. This enables the body matrix to be electromagnetically linked with our multidimensional self, and then with the infinite universe.

Therefore, as we keep consciously building our quotient of light, eventually the entire physiology undergoes mutation. Cellular metabolism is accelerated and latent DNA coding lights up.

With intentional light quotient building, you can dramatically accelerate your metamorphosis into the new human design.

There are uncountable ways to increase your light, raise your vibration and keep steady and stable within the ascending spiral. We all know the obvious. Clean the body, balance the emotions, purify the mind and open the heart. These are the basic fundamentals that we are doing on a regular basis.

We are now going much further. We are progressing into a level of self mastery that permanently elevates our vibrational attunement. This is to the level of full self realization and to that holy state of fusion with ‘All That Is’. It’s time now to amp it up several notches.

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