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BLACKS FOR TRUMP has been trending for the last several days ever since the Blacks For Trump founder, Black Man For Trump Maurice Symonette had a brief interview on One America News. That interview clip is in the video below.

In the interview Black Man For Trump called Snoop Dog out for turning on President Trump. He went on to remind Snoop and many others like him that seem to have forgotten that how back in the day all the rappers loved Trump. And how Trump came to many of their after parties and invested in their endeavors making many of them who they are today.

Eye have followed Black Man For Trump for several years and he gives a very good biblical insight into what’s taking place right now between Trump & The Deep State Swamp creatures!

Eye had already been shown who Trump was spiritually and had been trying to tell the people to pay attention to what he’s saying & doing and STOP LISTENING TO THE LYING LANESTREAM NEWS!

And that was one of the main reasons my YouTube channel was deleted..For telling the Truth about Trump! But no worries! All my videos & my personal opinions will now be found here on my website!


And with that being said please listen to what Mr Maurice Symonette has to say and spread it far & wide! It’s time for this man to get the props & acknowledgement he truly deserves for being such a faithful follower & supporter of President Trump!

He knows the truth and has been behind him the entire time because he knows what Trump represents for ALL HUMANITY!

Here‘s some commentary from Black Man For Trump. Be sure to follow the links & share with anyone who will listen! It’s time to know who the real enemies are and who works against all of us from behind the shadow!

BLACKS FOR TRUMP/Michael is the answer & Destroyer of fake CRT, Antifa, AOC, Obama & Black Lives Matter

BLACKS FOR TRUMP says East Indians are faking & acting like they’re my Black People that are being oppressed & killed by Whites but Indians are actually the Real Racist Ishmaelite killers of my Black People! & Only Michael with telling the Truth can Destroy the Indian Racist Lie that Trumpulicans are Racist, 2Thess. 2: 1-11 for proof See URL’s Below!

East Indians are fake Black Rioters! trying to scare the independent White Guilt!Voters into Voting for Democrats

Only BLACKS FOR TRUMP can run Protesters away!

East Indians acting Blacks are Fake!

More East Indians faking being Black People!

East Indians DEMS. are the evil rulers=AOC, Palosi!

BLACKS FOR TRUMP kills the Trumpublicans is Racist Lie!


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