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Eye read an article recently about the different types of Lightworkers there are and identifying which one are you?

But as Lightworkers or Warriors, Goddesses or Healers, Gatekeepers or Psychics, or just being someone that holds light on the surface, WE all have one thing in common: (however you want to phrase it): WE want to help liberate planet Earth, WE want The Event, WE want to transmute all remaining darkness, WE want to live a life full of love, abundance, joy and compassion, or maybe even the desire to "Go Home". So if WE all have these goals in common, why is it so difficult for us to come together in unity and work together?

WE have the biggest advantage of being awake and aware to what is really going on in the world. Some of us carry a unique trait or "gift" that enables us to do or see things that most do not.

This does not quantify us or them as better than anyone else. Eye am not more important than you. You are not more important than me. WE are like puzzle pieces around the world. Unless WE are truly connected, the final picture will never be complete. But what does that really mean?

Eye think of the analogy "Rowing in the same direction". If WE were to all row (meditate, mission work, hold light, etc.) in the same direction, WE would get to our destination faster.

👉🏾If you have some people rowing backwards, dragging their paddles in the water, or waiting for someone else to do the rowing, it will take longer. The truth is the truth and it doesn't care how you feel about it.

WE must live in the present. Do not let our past define our timeline. Do not let our egos get in the way.

Moving forward and working in unity does not mean anything other than WE have the same goal for our future, humanity's future and more importantly, Gaia's future.

WE need to push all issues aside temporarily in order to row in the same direction. WE can deal with our internal issues with each other AFTER The Event, AFTER Mother Earth is liberated, otherwise WE will never get to that Island of Light or Bubble of Heaven.

Is it worth it to you? To hold on to the past that will prevent The Future for all of Humanity, The transition into the Age of Aquarius?

It's a matter of energy. What are you putting out in the Universe? Is that really what you want to receive? If the answer is no, then change that energy.

You are a Creator God or Goddess. Let the past be absorbed by Divine Light. There is healing in our future. When WE stand together in UNITY, WE WIN.

The Galactic celebration that awaits every single one of us after this is all over will be so tremendous. Be a part of history, change the past by being present and focusing on our future together. Victory of the Light!

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