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Rh Negative bloodline is blood that is inherently "karmic-less" blood, the ancestral miasm from previous human generations is not recorded in the same way as "karmic" blood patterns that are passed down into future generations.

As a result, the Negative Alien Controllers target these Rh negative bloodlines & individuals for intergenerational bindings to Fallen Angelics through the manipulation of the bloodlines and breeding partners in order to gain control over the blood and their higher sensory perception capabilities.

Many Rh negatives suffer from severe manipulation made in their intimate relationships, also described as the alien love bite scenario or manipulated love connections.

The karmic miasma patterns of repeated lifetimes on earth are energy stamps that are recorded in the blood of every being that is born into this dimension.

This is also how blood covenants are passed down to the future offspring without the person being aware of this arrangement. Its is very important & encouraged that all Rh negatives Clear blood covenants & cut all energetic cords & ties in order to restore their Soul Record.

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