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10th Annual Father and Son Camping Trip

June 6-9, 2024


Who We Are

Growing up in the Stephens household had its perks, and one of them was the never-ending excitement that came with having six children and parents who cherished the great outdoors. Camping became an integral part of our lives, and it was during these trips across the country that our familial bond grew stronger. However, it was the "survival camping" expeditions with our father that truly stood out for us, the Stephens boys. Those moments spent in the company of nature and our dad were some of the most cherished highlights of our camping adventures. The invaluable lessons we learned from our father and Mr. Hart, my dads best friend during those trips inspired us to create the Father/Son Camping Experience almost a decade ago. Our aim was to provide our young sons with an experience that would leave a lasting impact. Over the past eight years, these camping trips have not only enriched the lives of our own sons, but also those of other fathers and their sons. As we embark on this year's camping trip, we carry the legacy of our late father, Arthur Lee Stephens, with us. Our hope is to inspire and encourage more fathers to create enduring moments with their sons, just as our father did with us.

This Year Accommodations

110 feet from nearest parking.

There are 7 block cabins total accommodating a maximum of 6 people

per cabin with 3 sets of bunk beds, electric outlets, and AC/heat.

Bathhouse with hot water; shared kitchen with stove and refrigerator, tables and chairs, electric outlets, outdoor hose bib, fireplace, and covered patio with grill; one fire ring; picnic tables and outdoor grills.

The cost of the trip is $120 per adults and $60 per child. 

There is a $25 nonrefundable registration fee

(this fee will be deducted from total cost)

 The cost includes



Below Meals

  • Thursday Dinner

  • Friday  Dinner

  • Saturday Dinner

Menu Coming Soon

Payment Deadline May 15th

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